dVnet soft 4000

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A 4000 pixel digital video to network converter software package.

dVnet soft is the software only version of our dVnet digital video to network converter product. This version allows you to specify your own hardware.

dVnet is all a light artist needs to convert their video creation or a HDMI source - to light. Configuration is simplicity itself, with less than ten mouse clicks required to render video to a media wall.

dVnet can also playback video clips loaded onto its internal hard drive, either manually or using its play list manager. Output is via a gigabit network connection with Art-Net 3, sACN E1.31 and KiNet protocols supported.

dVnet soft is available in four variants:

dVnet soft 1000: 1000 pixels
dVnet soft 2000: 2000 pixels
dVnet soft 4000: 4000 pixels
dVnet soft 8000: 8000 pixels

Below are some example videos showing dVnet converting video files onto a pixel grid.

Example: A Circular Grid

Example: 5,000 RGB Pixels (100w x 50h)