Power-Drive PDX-UNI-DMX3

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LED drive solutions

The Power-Drive PDX-UNI-DMX3 is a three channel constant current driver for high power RGB LEDs.

It is universal mains powered and selection of output LED current is made by an internal switch. LED current is the same for all channels. The output can drive 3 channels of either 1 x 700mA, 2 x 500mA or 4 x 350mA LEDs in series. Channels are dimmed independently.

LEDs can be connected with a common anode shared between all channels or with 2 wires to each channel.

Control is by DMX control with RDM. Screw terminal plug connectors are provided.

The product is housed in a small free standing case.

Perfect for RGB colour mixing, display cabinets and general signage applications.