DMX-Mux 72

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The DMX-Mux is a 1U rack mount solution to the common problem of connecting analogue (0 to 10V) controllers to a DMX512 line.


The DMX512 input accepts both flavours of DMX512. A receive data indicator is provided for this input. The DMX512 input is optically isolated from the output. This is of particular benefit in removing earth loop problems in large installations and outdoor events.

The analogue input accepts 72 channels using three DB25 connectors. The product is calibrated for 0 to +10V operation, although 0 to -10V operation may be selected internally.


The output is formed by either merging the DMX512 and analogue inputs or simply from the analogue input.

When the address switch is set to 000 only the analogue inputs are considered. The DMX-Mux outputs 512 channels of which the first 72 represent the analogue input.

If the address switch is set to any value in the range 001 to 512 the DMX512 and analogue inputs are merged. The address switch sets the channel address at which the analogue inputs are merged onto the DMX512 input. The merge operation is highest takes precedence.