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Wall mount lighting controller

moody x10™ is a wall mounted DMX512 & DALI controller. It is designed to control 10 RGB zones of colour, such as coving features.

All electronics are mounted on the rear of the product, so there is no need for cumbersome external control boxes. Both programming and operation are performed via a very simple user interface, so no additional programming kit is required.

The standard moody product is supplied in a single-gang UK wall panel with a dry-line style back box, which allows the product to be used internationally. However, moody retro comprises just the dial and control electronics, so it can be slotted into existing wall plates. This is ideal for installations where the standard white panel would not match the existing decor or is not desired. moody retro offers all the control options of the standard moody range.

The user interface is a rotary control wheel which incorporates a push switch. The wheel is illuminated by a full colour LED which is used to feedback both master level and colour to the user.

From a user perspective, the product echoes the operation of a conventional dimmer switch: rotate to control intensity, push to auto-fade on or off.

Product programming is achieved by holding down the push switch for 3 seconds. The user is then guided through selection of the hue and saturation for each zone. A rear panel control allows programming to be inhibited; this is useful for preserving the original design intent in an application with many users (e.g. a hotel room).

The DMX512 output provides 30 channels to represent the 10 zones of RGB.

The DALI output provides 30 consecutive short addresses to represent the 10 zones of RGB.

The product can be powered from 9 to 24 VDC, so the LED power supply can also power moody.

Retrofitting the dial

When using moody retro, you need to decide whether to use the translucent dial supplied with the product, or the dial supplied with the retrofit panel.

If the translucent dial is used, it should be fixed using a small amount of clear silicone.

If you choose to use the opaque dial supplied with the retrofit panel, the backlighting on the dial will not be noticeable. However, this approach often provides a better match with existing decor.

It should be noted that the shaft on moody retro is a 6mm diameter full circle with friction grooves. Many dials supplied by other manufacturers are designed to accept a 6mm shaft with a D shape (flat on one side). In this situation you will need to use a 6mm drill bit as a reamer, or use a sharp blade, to shape the D-profile into a 6mm diameter circular aperture.

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