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The Line-Light™ is a simple DMX512 and CMX tester. The product is built into a standard XLR connector.

Do not leave Line-Light connected to the DMX512 output when you have finished testing.

Line-Light is also available as a 3 pin version Line-Light 3.

nanoScope provides more sophisticated DMX512 test and analysis functions.

Operation is as follows:

No DMX present on cable
Connect Line-Light to the DMX output.
If Line-Light does not illuminate, either no DMX is present on the cable or the cable is damaged.

DMX512 pins 2 & 3 miswired
Connect Line-Light to the DMX output.
Set all channel levels to full at the console.
Line-Light should illuminate in GREEN. Set all channel levels to off at the console.
Line-Light should illuminate in RED. If the colours are reversed, then pins 2 & 3 of the cable are swapped.

Faulty DMX512 output from console
When a DMX512 cable driver fails, the signals on the cable do not change. If Line-Light illuminates in either RED or GREEN and does not flicker or change, the DMX output from the console is probably faulty.

Good DMX512
In normal operation Line-Light will flicker between RED and GREEN to produce an ORANGE colour as the information output by the console changes.

Are you looking for a higher specification?

nanoScope, £65.00 - View » - Add to cart »

A sophisticated DMX512/RDM tester built into an XLR connector.


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