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6 Channel Mains Relay with On-Delay timer

Rail-Sequence is an automatic Time Delayed Power Sequencer. It turns on each of the six relays in turn with a 1 second interval.

It has been designed to work with equipment that contain Switch Mode PSUs that have a high In-Rush Current. This type of equipment will trip circuit breakers on turn on that can cause damage to the equipment itself and others on that same circuit breaker. Rail-Sequence will stagger the relays turning on by 1 second interval.

Sequence-Filter is a DIN Rail mounted current inrush limiter that will provide protection for the internal filter on Rail-Sequence. This product will further limit the 'turn on' current.


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Current Limiter Filter for Rail-Sequence.


PSU-9-1.5-FER, £30.00 - View » - Add to cart »

PSU for Light-Switch, Dimmer-Switch, DIN rail splitters and DALI conversion products. Universal voltage input.


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19" Rack adapter for Din-Rail products.