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Rail-DMX-DSI provides control over 4 DSI circuits from a DMX Controller.

Based on the product Rail-DMX-DALI, Rail-DMX-DSI converts DMX to four DSI outputs. Each DSI output uses one DMX channel as DSI is a broadcast protocol.

The start address for each conversion channel can be set independently allowing custom patching. As with Rail-DMX-DALI there is a 'dimmer curve translation' feature built in that converts a DMX curve in a DSI dimming curve.

This product requires a 9V to 24V PSU. The DSI circuit requires a DALI/DSI Bus PSU. An example of this is Rail-PSU-D4.

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PSU-9-1.5-FER, £30.00 - View » - Add to cart »

PSU for Light-Switch, Dimmer-Switch, DIN rail splitters and DALI conversion products. Universal voltage input.


Rail-PSU-D4, £265.00 - View » - Add to cart »

Four channel DALI Bus Power Supply.


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DMX Tester / RDM Programmer.


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19" Rack adapter for Din-Rail products.


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