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Artistic Licence designs and manufactures
lighting control products.

Our range also covers test equipment and data distribution, and we are a major supplier of OEM solutions worldwide.

For project work, please visit Artistic Licence Integration.

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Art-Net & sACN

Artistic Licence is the originator of Art-Net. Our networks knowledge is second to none.
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DMX512 & RDM
We are experts in DMX512 and the Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol.
Our DALI products include Art-Net/DMX to DALI conversion (DT8 support).
sunDial quad dmx
sunDial quad dmx
  1. sunDial DMX/RDM mains dimmer
  2. Trailing edge works for dimmable LED
  3. No flicker, smart protection features
  4. Custom dimming curve per channel
DMXtoDALI quad
DMXtoDALI quad
DMXtoDALI quad
  1. Converts DMX to DALI (4 circuits)
  2. Supports DT0 (intensity) and DT8 (colour)
  3. Broadcast, Group, Device & Scene addressing modes
  4. Personality selection via RDM
Rail-Split range
Rail-Split DMX/RDM splitters
Getting your DMX distribution on track
Rail-Split DMX
Rail-Split DMX
Rail-Split RDM II
Rail-Split Extreme
Commissioner multi
Looking for an all-in-one tester?
Introducing Commissioner multi
Commissioner multi
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