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Art-Net: Resetting a product’s IP address

The IP address of older Artistic Licence network products can be reset to factory default using the front panel controls as described below:

Product IP Reset Procedure
AL5001 A
AL5002 A
Data-Lynx O/P B
Data-Lynx I/P B
Data-Lynx IO/P B
Down-Lynx A
Up-Lynx A
Net-Lynx O/P A
Net-Lynx I/P A
Cata-Lynx I/P A
Cata-Lynx O/P A
Ether-Lynx II B
Art-Lynx O/P A
Art-Lynx I/P A
Art-Pipe B
Art-Relay B
Multichrome E1 & E2 A

A: Set Sub-Net wheel and both Universe wheels to F, power off, power on.

B: Set Sub-Net wheel to 9, power off, power on, power off, set Sub-Net wheel to F, power on.