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Art-Net: Resetting a product’s IP address

Our gateway products, which include artLynx duo, artLynx quad, artLynx RJ45, netLynx quad and dataLynx II all have a factory reset switch. To reset to factory defaults, hold down the switch and cycle the power. Once you have reset to the factory default, the IP address will change. See Art-Net: Finding the IP Address of a product

The IP address of legacy Artistic Licence network products can be reset to factory default using the front panel controls as described below:

Product IP Reset Procedure
AL5001 A
AL5002 A
Data-Lynx O/P B
Data-Lynx I/P B
Data-Lynx IO/P B
Down-Lynx A
Up-Lynx A
Net-Lynx O/P A
Net-Lynx I/P A
Cata-Lynx I/P A
Cata-Lynx O/P A
Ether-Lynx II B
Art-Lynx O/P A
Art-Lynx I/P A
Art-Pipe B
Art-Relay B
Multichrome E1 & E2 A

A: Set Sub-Net wheel and both Universe wheels to F, power off, power on.

B: Set Sub-Net wheel to 9, power off, power on, power off, set Sub-Net wheel to F, power on.