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DMX512: Resources

Application Note 0201 – DMX & RDM Introduction. This includes wiring details for XLR and RJ45.

Application Note 0205 – DMX & RDM Splitters. What are they and where to use them.

Application Note 0215 – DMX & RDM Marking. Howe to interpret splitter marking symbols.

Application Note 0210 – DMX & RDM Splitter Comparison. Compare Artistic Licence splitters.


Q: What is maximum cable length for DMX512?

A: 300m

Q: Can I use Cat5?

A: Yes

Q: How do I terminate:

A: With products that use an XLR, you can connect a terminator plug. With DIN-Rail products, there is an internal terminator which is connected enabled by fitting a wire link between TERM and DATA+.