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Interface: Setting Rail-Switch to trigger on loss of DMX512

There are numerous instances when it is usual to switch a circuit in the event of a DMX512 failure. Rail-Switch II provides this function using its Data Loss Mode (highlighted below). This application note shows how to use DMX-Workshop to configure the product.

Right click and select ‘Set Data Loss Mode’ from the popup menu.

Select scene 1 and press set.

Next, output levels to set the relays to the state to be used in a data failure. In this example it is just the first two relays on.

Right click on ‘Capture preset’ and select ‘Set Capture preset’ from the popup menu.

Select ‘Record scene 1’ and press record.

The Rail-Switch will now output scene 1 in the event of a loss of DMX512.

The standard product (firmware V8.23 or V8.27) will detect loss of DMX512 after approximately 1.8s. A fast response version (V8.25) is available which switches in under 0.5s.