Art-Net Software Package for merging 20 sources to 4. Please note that this software has been discontinued. Alternative hardware solutions with merge capability include dataLynx II, netLynx quad, artLynx quad and artLynx RJ45.

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The product is a software application that runs on all Windows platforms.

Art-Merge™ is capable of merging and routing up to 20 Art-Net DMX sources to 4 outputs.

Each possible input can be assigned a start channel offset and number of channels to be processed. Additionally, the channel address at which data starts in each output stream is also programmable.

Inputs may be assigned duplicate sources, allowing multiple consecutive channel groups to be gated out of the data stream.


  • 20 input sources
  • 4 output destinations
  • HTP merge
  • Input offset and channel count
  • Output offset
  • Data active indication


  • Software requires a PC with 10BaseT Ethernet card
  • Windows 8 (32-bit)


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