Colour-Tramp RDM

PC application for real-time monitoring of lighting installations.

Uses RDM over Art-Net.

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Using the same engine as the signature Artistic Licence product Colour-Tramp, Colour-Tramp RDM allows a user to monitor the health of a system in real time and to send out notifications if any errors are detected. The graphical interface permits quick identification of fixture faults, and error notifications can be set up over email. Additional daily emails can be configured to keep track of the general health of the system.

Colour-Tramp RDM runs on Windows 10.


  • Real Time RDM Monitor
  • Upto 43,000 RDM devices
  • PC application
  • On-Screen Diagnostics
  • Autoload Function
  • Remote Email Notification
  • Can work alongside existing systems
  • RDM over Art-Net


  • Software licence supplied on USB key
  • Manufacturer: Artistic Licence (UK)
  • Minimum PC requirements:
    • – Processor speed 2GHz
    • – Memory 4GB
    • – Graphics: 1024 x 768 with 32-bit colour
    • – 100BaseT Network Card
    • – Windows 10 recommended