DMX-Workshop™ is a free software application available for download (see ‘Resources’ below).

  • Fully featured network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics tool for Art-Net networks including the latest award winning Art-Net 4
  • Data packet analysers for both Art-Net and RDM over Art-Net along with the ability to transmit sACN and KiNet data
  • Numerous DALI features including DALI transmission via a USB adapter (daliDongle), Art-Osc to DALI translation and DALI wire sniffing
  • Bandwidth-Tester is also installed with DMX-Workshop
  • Windows 8/10 (also Win7 & XP)

See 'Resources' tab below for the download link.


  • View DMX data
  • Flicker finder with time stamp
  • Oscilloscope data view
  • Max / Min data view
  • Transmit signature data
  • View Text & SIP DMX packets
  • Graph DMX and network refresh
  • Analyse and decode network data
  • Packet and bandwidth counting
  • Node management
  • Data routing utility
  • RDM data configuration
  • DALI transmit
  • DALI sniffer
  • Art-Net SDK


  • Software Package is available via download only
  • Windows 8, 10 (also Win7 and XP)
  • PC must be logged in as an administrator prior to installation