Light Bytes

** Now shipping: 2nd edition published August 2023**

Light Bytes by Wayne Howell, the inventor of Art-Net, is a reference on the subject of Art-Net and sACN.

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Second edition published August 2023

Light Bytes: Inside Art-Net and sACN

Written with practicality in mind, Light Bytes provides a much needed technical reference on Art-Net and sACN. Starting with a networking primer, it moves onto the detailed packet structures and definitions used in each protocol. Following the theoretical groundwork, readers are guided through the problems that are often encountered in real-world applications, with tips on how to avoid them. The book strives for a balanced approach, comparing and contrasting Art-Net and sACN, while explaining how each protocol is evolving to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. There is a handy chapter on freely available software diagnostics tools (including DMX-Workshop), along with useful code examples for both Art-Net and sACN developers.

About the author

Wayne Howell started in the lighting industry at Avolites and went on to found Artistic Licence. Wayne is now the creative force behind Singularity, a consultancy that focuses on product development for the entertainment technology industry.

Wayne was a key contributor to the development of DMX512-A and Remote Device Management (RDM) via the ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association) technical standards programme. But he is perhaps best known as the author of Art-Net, the open ethernet lighting protocol now supported by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. Wayne enjoys sharing his expertise through his books, articles and seminars.


  • Practical reference on Art-Net and sACN
  • Includes Art-Net 4 and sACN E1.31-2016

What’s new in the 2nd edition:

  • New Art-Net packet descriptions.
  • Targeted discovery mode and other techniques to smooth bandwidth use.
  • How to switch port direction on-the-fly.
  • Extended Developer Tips on when to use, how to parse and what casting to use.
  • Fully updated instructions for DMX-Workshop, Bandwidth-Tester and Multicaster.


  • First edition published January 2017
    ISBN 978-0-9956016-1-1
  • This (second) edition published August 2023
    ISBN 978-0-9956016-2-8
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