Off-line editor for Micro-Scope 3a allowing remote modification of all lamp personalities, presets and setup. Connects to PC via (supplied) serial/USB cable.

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Mic-Editā„¢ is an off-line editor for Micro-Scope 3a. It runs on Windows XP & 7 and allows all configuration, lamp libraries and memories to be edited, stored and then downloaded to Micro-Scope 3a via the serial cable.

Mic-Edit ships with a library of lamp personalities for over 200 lamps.

The package includes the serial link interface which allows Micro-Scope 3a to communicate with a PC via the RS232 port. A USB adapter is also included.

Mic-Edit can also be used on Mac computers by running the Mac Windows Emulator programme.


  • Edit up to 100 lamp personalities
  • 200 pre-programmed personalities
  • Edit all 12 memories
  • Generate custom test patterns
  • Setup parameters such as Start Code, Power Save
  • Customise power up screen
  • Customise menus
  • Customise bar graph fonts
  • Live DMX512 control for editing personalities


  • Net Mass: 0.15 kg
  • Manufacturer: Artistic LicenceĀ 
  • Country of Manufacture: UK