Micro-Scope 3a


Micro-Scope 3a has been replaced by Micro-Scope 3c. The new product supports DMX512 and RDM, with hugely enhanced functionality in the same form factor.

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Micro-Scope™ 3a is a small hand-held DMX512 receiver and transmitter. It can operate as a moving lamp tester, a flicker finder or as a rigger’s remote. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, with a normal life of 25 hours and uses a high brightness backlit LCD screen.

Micro-Scope 3a is simple to operate. Switch on and you are immediately displaying received DMX512. Two key presses are all that is required to start flashing through the rig.

The built in moving lamp personality library is used to test all the attributes of over 100 lamps. The lamp library can be edited and customised using the optional PC software Mic-Edit. Modifications are then quickly downloaded to Micro-Scope using a serial-USB link.

Twelve preset memories, which contain individual level settings for all 512 channels, are available. Memories can be programmed with pre-defined patterns, by adjusting individual channels or by capturing received data. All data is held in flash memory, so you can be sure that your preferred settings will still be there when you get off the plane!

Key Features

  • The menu can be customised by enabling or disabling individual items. This allows the product to be customised to the needs of each application.
  • Mic-Edit offers the ability to define an entire lamp patch. When enabled, the Transmit Memory function displays the moving lamp type and description of the selected channel.
  • The moving lamp definition can include lamps of up to 38 channels (X-Spot etc).
  • The start code analyser searches received DMX512 for all possible start codes and displays the list along with a description.
  • Micro-Scope 3a can transmit and receive SIPs (System Information Packet).
  • Micro-Scope 3a can transmit and receive text.
  • Micro-Scope 3a can analyse checksums.
  • Micro-Scope 3a provides a live data facility that allows Mic-Edit to generate DMX512 via Micro-Scope 3a (preview only).



  • Moving lamp library
  • Cable test
  • Data view
  • Snapshot
  • Flicker finder
  • Timing analyser
  • Scope trigger
  • MIDI receive
  • 12 full level memories
  • Rig test
  • Hex calculator
  • Buffer, clean and boost
  • Auto-backup


  • Listing: CE
  • IP Rating: Indoor use
  • Power: 300mW
  • Charger Voltage: 90-250 VAC
  • Input Voltage: 9 VDC
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Width: 125 mm
  • Depth: 98 mm
  • Net Mass: 0.54 kg
  • Signal Connection: XLR5
  • Rear Mounting: Single M4 x 20mm
  • Universal power supply and case included
  • Manufacturer: Artistic Licence
  • Country of Manufacture: UK


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