Micro-Scope Manicure

For customers who already own a Micro-Scope 3a. A full service and upgrade to the specification of Micro-Scope 3c (adds support for RDM).

If your unit does not need servicing, you may wish to consider upgrading it yourself by purchasing the Micro-Scope 3c Upgrade Kit.

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A full service for Micro-Scope 3a (now discontinued) and upgrade to the specification of Micro-Scope 3c (adds RDM support). Our aim is to take your hard working DMX tester (whether in working condition or not) and return it to top notch condition. In detail this includes:

  • Repair as required
  • Replace DMX drivers
  • Replacement of damaged or missing switch caps
  • Upgrade to Micro-Scope 3c functionality including RDM support
  • Clean and polish case
  • Replace feet
  • Replace battery

At our discretion, case parts, motherboard and connectors will be replaced if needed.

Post upgrade, the Micro-Scope will feature:

  • DMX512 output / RDM port
  • DMX512 input port
  • Get and Set RDM parameters including sub-devices
  • Read RDM sensors
  • Display RDM status messages
  • Scope trigger
  • Double-ended cable test
  • Single-ended cable test
  • Transmit DMX512 test patterns
  • Set variable DMX512 transmit timing
  • Read and display DMX512
  • Fix mode: retransmit corrected DMX
  • Transceive mode: transmit while reading
  • Read and display signal timing
  • DIP switch calculator

The following features are lost:

  • MIDI input
  • Fixture library
  • Mic-Edit connectivity

The following does not change:

  • The original 9V PSU is used to charge and/or power Micro-Scope.
  • The original NiCd battery is used, but battery charge life will be slightly improved


This is a return to base service, so the customer pays for transport to and from the Artistic Licence workshop. Details of this will be provided by email, once the order is placed.

This service is offered at a fixed net price and no discounts will be applied.


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