versaSplit mini

Single input, 6-output modular data distribution product in desktop or truss mountable format. Choice of input module determines function:

  • DMX/RDM module: DMX512 splitter / fixer with RDM support
  • ETHB module: 1-universe ethernet gateway (Art-Net / sACN)
  • CRMX module: Wireless DMX splitter (CRMX)

Output connectors are XLR5.

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versaSplit mini™ is a modular mains powered DMX512 and RDM distribution system.

The input is modular and available in 5 variations that determine the product function:

  1. Choosing the XLR3, XLR5 or XLR8 (Ethercon) input module results in a DMX512 splitter / fixer with RDM support.
  2. Choosing the ETHB input turns the product into a 1-universe gateway, capable of handling Art-Net (all versions up to Art-Net 4) and sACN.
  3. Choosing the CRMX input turns the product into a wireless DMX splitter.

Output connectors are XLR5. All outputs are ground referenced using robust drivers with advanced protection.


  • 6-output DMX512/RDM splitter/fixer
  • Choice of input modules
  • XLR5 output connectors
  • Desktop or truss mount
  • DMX512 output protection
  • +/- 80V electrocution protection
  • 12KV ESD
  • Slew rate limited drivers for improved signal quality
  • Front panel power and data indication
  • Bidirectional data ports
  • Jabber Detection
  • Fix Mode
  • Compatible with DMX512, DMX512 (1990), DMX512-A, RDM


  • Listing: CE
  • IP Rating: Indoor use
  • Power: 50 W
  • Input Voltage: 85-264 VAC
  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 185mm
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Mains Connection: IEC
  • Net Mass: 0.80 kg
  • Manufacturer: Artistic Licence
  • Country of Manufacture: UK


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