Visio Resources

Artistic Licence has prepared a Visio library of our products in Visio Stencil Library format (.vssx) so that customers can produce documentation more easily.

Additionally, there is a growing selection of application drawings in Visio format (.vssd). To use the drawings, download them and open with Visio. The files can be downloaded from the individual product pages (in the ‘Resources’ box), or from the table below.

To create your own drawings:

  1. Download the library by clicking the link above.
  2. Open Microsoft Visio, choose “Basic diagram”, check “Metric Units” and press “create”.
  3. Activate the grid (view > show > check grid case).
  4. In the “Shapes window”, click “More Shapes”, “Open Stencil” and then select the “visio Artistic Licence library” that you downloaded in step 1.

Artistic Licence Visio Drawing Files