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Dali-Scope: Adding a ballast to an existing system

It is sometimes necessary to add a new ballast to an existing installation. Usually you will want to do this without changing the short addresses of the existing ballasts.

To do this you need to isolate the new ballast from the existing network prior to commissioning with Dali-Scope. This means that you should connect the new DALI ballast, the bus power supply and Dali-Scope together. If the new ballast has previously been assigned a short address, simply change the short address to the preferred address using Dali-Scope. If the ballast is in factory default state, run an “Automatic channel discovery”. This process will assign short address 1 to the ballast. Then change the short address to the preferred value prior to connecting it to the ballast network.

You can then connect the new ballast to the existing network.

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Guides: The DALI Guide

Artistic Licence offers a broad range of DALI products.

There is a very large speed difference between DMX512 and DALI, which means that care must be taken when designing a lighting installation that uses both protocols. Artistic Licence has prepared The DALI Guide (see below) to assist all DALI users and installers, particularly those who are more familiar working with DMX512.