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Art-Net: Implementing ArtPoll and ArtPollReply

In order to make a product visible in DMX-Workshop, the product must reply to an ArtPoll with one or more ArtPollReply. The screenshot below shows a Wire Shark capture of the ArtPollReply packets from a Data-Lynx IOP.

Common errors in formatting ArtPollReply are:

1) The text signature at the top of the packet is “Art-Net”. It is case sensitive.

2) DMX-Workshop only listens on Port 6454 (decimal).

If you have difficulty making your product visible in DMX-Workshop then submit a Wire Shark capture on a support ticket and we will try to help.

artpollreply in wireshark
artpollreply in wireshark
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Jump-Start: Firmware Upload

From time to time, new firmware is released for Jump-Start. The latest version can be downloaded here. It is not necessary to return Jump-Start for upgrade – it can be done in the field. This is achieved by connecting Jump-Start to an Artistic Licence Art-Net node such as artLynxDMX-Workshop can then be used for the upgrade.

Please follow the following procedure:

  1. Ensure Jump-Start is set to ‘RDM Standard’ and not ‘DRAFT’. This can be found in the setup menu.
  2. Put the Jump-Start in firmware upload mode. This is done by pressing the left and right arrow keys at the same time.
  3. The right-side LED will light to confirm upload mode is active.
  4. Connect the Jump-Start to the Art-Net node.
  5. Download the latest firmware (see link above) and copy file to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Artistic Licence\DMX-Workshop\Firmware.
  6. Select the network list in DMX-Workshop and wait for Jump-Start to be discovered as a node.
  7. Upload the firmware to the Jump-Start by right-clicking in RDM information area and following the options to upload firmware.
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Art-Net: Finding the IP Address of a product

There are three methods for finding the IP address of an Art-Net product:

  • Connect using DMX-Workshop, this will display the product in a network list along with its IP address. DMX-Workshop can be downloaded from here.
  • Ping: Open a command line window and use the ping command. If the products are on the normal Art-Net address range, type: “ping”. This approach is best on a Mac as Macs do not support net-bios.
  • Perform a net-bios search (Windows only). To do this, connect the product to your laptop’s network, open browser and type in the net-bios name of the product you are using (see table below). Occasionally the net-bios cache in the browser gets out of date. To flush the cache and restart, type the following in the browser window: nbtstat -R
Current Products  Net-bios Name
netLynx quad netLynxquad
dataLynx II dataLynxII
artLynx duo artLynxduo
artLynx quad artLynxquad
artLynx RJ45 artLynxRJ45
versaSplit EthB VersaEtherB
Legacy Products  Net-bios Name
Down-Lynx DownLynx
Up-Lynx UpLynx
Net-Lynx O/P NetLynxOp
Net-Lynx I/P NetLynxIp
Cata-Lynx I/P CataLynxIp
Cata-Lynx O/P CataLynxOp
Ether-Lynx II EtherLynxII
Art-Lynx O/P ArtLynxOp
Art-Lynx I/P ArtLynxIp
Art-Pipe ArtPipe
Art-Relay ArtRelay
Multichrome E2 E2MultiChrome
Eaton / Cooper Controls EN2RDM EN2RDM
Eaton / Cooper Controls EN8RDM EN8RDM
Lex Products LexNet LEXNET