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Controllers: matisse Light-Switch II configuration

The DIP switches on the rear panel set the operating mode. They need to be set differently depending on whether you are using remote panels.

Operating as a single Light-Switch

DIP SwitchFunctionSet to:
6RDM disableON

Operating as a master Light-Switch with one or more remote (slave) Light-Switch units

DIP SwitchFunctionMasterSlave
6RDM disableOFFOFF

Important facts

  • The products use RDM to communicate with each other, so the RDM Disable switch must be OFF when using remote (slave) Light-Switch.
  • If there is a splitter between any of the Light-Switch units, the splitter must be enabled for RDM.
  • The DMX port is used for both output and snapshot (input). It changes direction based on the operating mode.
  • If a remote (slave) Light-Switch flashes the UP LED, this means it has not been connected by the master. (Check points above and wiring).

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Controllers: matisse Light-Switch II – Switch-Edit lamp personalities

The Switch-Edit software is downloaded from the product page, under the Resources section.

Occasionally, after installation, the Switch-Edit software does not list any lamp personalities. This problem occurs due to the different international names for the ‘Program Files’ folder.

To fix this, use the menu: Tools – Fixture Library Folder.

Navigate to the folder shown below and press OK.