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versaSplit: Part number reference

The versaSplit range provides a very flexible solution to DMX distribution. The number of product configurations runs to millions and so not every configuration is available from stock, but is built to order. The following guide is an overview of how to generate the part code.

There are four base units:

  • “mini” – vSplit mini (Desk / truss mount. 1 input module. 6 outputs. Ground referenced).
  • “mono” – vSplit mono (19 ” rack. 1 input module. 10 outputs. Ground referenced).
  • “duo” – vSplit duo (19 ” rack. 2 input modules. 8 outputs. Ground referenced).
  • “iso” – vSplit iso (19 ” rack. 1 input module. 8 outputs. Isolated outputs).

There are seven codes for the input modules:

There are three output connector options:

  • “3” – XLR 3 pin
  • “5” – XLR 5 pin
  • “8” – XLR 8 pin ethcon

If all output connectors are the same, just one number is needed.

The part number is constructed as follows:

vSplit “base unit” “input A module” – “Output connectors” – “input B module”.


  • The part number for a vSplit mono with a 5 pin XLR input and all 5 pin XLR outputs is: vSplit mono xlr5-5.
  • The part number for a vSplit mono with a 3 pin XLR input and all 3 pin XLR outputs is: vSplit mono xlr3-3.
  • The part number for a vSplit mono with a 5 pin XLR input and all 3 pin XLR outputs is: vSplit mono xlr5-3.
  • The part number for a vSplit mono with a 5 pin XLR input and outputs 1-4 with 3 pin, outputs 5-8 with 5 pin and outputs 9-10 with ethcon is: vSplit mono xlr5-3333555588.
  • The part number for a vSplit duo with a 5 pin XLR input module and a blanking plate for the second input and all 5 pin XLR outputs is: vSplit duo xlr5-5-x.
  • The part number for a vSplit duo with a 5 pin XLR input module and a CRMX input module and outputs 1-4 with 3 pin, outputs 5-8 with 5 pin is: vSplit duo xlr5-33335555-crmx.

The table below shows the common vSplit mono and iso configurations.

Input moduleversaSplit mono XLR3versaSplit mono XLR5versaSplit mono XLR8versaSplit iso XLR3versaSplit iso XLR5versaSplit iso XLR8
EmptyvSplit mono x-3vSplit mono x-5vSplit mono x-8vSplit iso x-3vSplit iso x-5vSplit iso x-8
XLR3vSplit mono xlr3-3vSplit mono xlr3-5vSplit mono xlr3-8vSplit iso xlr3-3vSplit iso xlr3-5vSplit iso xlr3-8
XLR5vSplit mono xlr5-3vSplit mono xlr5-5vSplit mono xlr5-8vSplit iso xlr5-3vSplit iso xlr5-5vSplit iso xlr5-8
XLR8vSplit mono xlr8-3vSplit mono xlr8-5vSplit mono xlr8-8vSplit iso xlr8-3vSplit iso xlr8-5vSplit iso xlr8-8
CRMXvSplit mono crmx-3vSplit mono crmx-5vSplit mono crmx-8vSplit iso crmx-3vSplit iso crmx-5vSplit iso crmx-8
ETHBvSplit mono ethb-3vSplit mono ethb-5vSplit mono ethb-8vSplit iso ethb-3vSplit iso ethb-5vSplit iso ethb-8

The table below shows the common vSplit mini configurations. Please note that vSplit mini is only offered with XLR5 output connectors.

Input moduleversaSplit mini XLR5
EmptyvSplit mini x-5
XLR3vSplit mini xlr3-5
XLR5vSplit mini xlr5-5
XLR8vSplit mini xlr8-5
CRMXvSplit mini crmx-5
ETHBvSplit mini ethb-5

The table below shows the common vSplit duo configurations.

Input A moduleInput B moduleversaSplit duo XLR3versaSplit duo XLR5versaSplit duo XLR8
BlankBlankvSplit duo b-3-bvSplit duo b-5-bvSplit duo b-8-b
XLR3BlankvSplit duo xlr3-3-bvSplit duo xlr3-5-bvSplit duo xlr3-8-b
XLR5BlankvSplit duo xlr5-3-bvSplit duo xlr5-5-bvSplit duo xlr5-8-b
XLR8BlankvSplit duo xlr8-3-bvSplit duo xlr8-5-bvSplit duo xlr8-8-b
CRMXBlankvSplit duo crmx-3-bvSplit duo crmx-5-bvSplit duo crmx-8-b
ETHBBlankvSplit duo ethb-3-bvSplit duo ethb-5-bvSplit duo ethb-8-b
BlankXLR3vSplit duo b-3-xlr3vSplit duo b-5-xlr3vSplit duo b-8-xlr3
XLR3XLR3vSplit duo xlr3-3-xlr3vSplit duo xlr3-5-xlr3vSplit duo xlr3-8-xlr3
XLR5XLR3vSplit duo xlr5-3-xlr3vSplit duo xlr5-5-xlr3vSplit duo xlr5-8-xlr3
XLR8XLR3vSplit duo xlr8-3-xlr3vSplit duo xlr8-5-xlr3vSplit duo xlr8-8-xlr3
CRMXXLR3vSplit duo crmx-3-xlr3vSplit duo crmx-5-xlr3vSplit duo crmx-8-xlr3
ETHBXLR3vSplit duo ethb-3-xlr3vSplit duo ethb-5-xlr3vSplit duo ethb-8-xlr3
BlankXLR5vSplit duo b-3-xlr5vSplit duo b-5-xlr5vSplit duo b-8-xlr5
XLR3XLR5vSplit duo xlr3-3-xlr5vSplit duo xlr3-5-xlr5vSplit duo xlr3-8-xlr5
XLR5XLR5vSplit duo xlr5-3-xlr5vSplit duo xlr5-5-xlr5vSplit duo xlr5-8-xlr5
XLR8XLR5vSplit duo xlr8-3-xlr5vSplit duo xlr8-5-xlr5vSplit duo xlr8-8-xlr5
CRMXXLR5vSplit duo crmx-3-xlr5vSplit duo crmx-5-xlr5vSplit duo crmx-8-xlr5
ETHBXLR5vSplit duo ethb-3-xlr5vSplit duo ethb-5-xlr5vSplit duo ethb-8-xlr5
BlankXLR8vSplit duo b-3-xlr8vSplit duo b-5-xlr8vSplit duo b-8-xlr8
XLR3XLR8vSplit duo xlr3-3-xlr8vSplit duo xlr3-5-xlr8vSplit duo xlr3-8-xlr8
XLR5XLR8vSplit duo xlr5-3-xlr8vSplit duo xlr5-5-xlr8vSplit duo xlr5-8-xlr8
XLR8XLR8vSplit duo xlr8-3-xlr8vSplit duo xlr8-5-xlr8vSplit duo xlr8-8-xlr8
CRMXXLR8vSplit duo crmx-3-xlr8vSplit duo crmx-5-xlr8vSplit duo crmx-8-xlr8
ETHBXLR8vSplit duo ethb-3-xlr8vSplit duo ethb-5-xlr8vSplit duo ethb-8-xlr8
BlankCRMXvSplit duo b-3-crmxvSplit duo b-5-crmxvSplit duo b-8-crmx
XLR3CRMXvSplit duo xlr3-3-crmxvSplit duo xlr3-5-crmxvSplit duo xlr3-8-crmx
XLR5CRMXvSplit duo xlr5-3-crmxvSplit duo xlr5-5-crmxvSplit duo xlr5-8-crmx
XLR8CRMXvSplit duo xlr8-3-crmxvSplit duo xlr8-5-crmxvSplit duo xlr8-8-crmx
CRMXCRMXvSplit duo crmx-3-crmxvSplit duo crmx-5-crmxvSplit duo crmx-8-crmx
ETHBCRMXvSplit duo ethb-3-crmxvSplit duo ethb-5-crmxvSplit duo ethb-8-crmx
BlankETHBvSplit duo b-3-ethbvSplit duo b-5-ethbvSplit duo b-8-ethb
XLR3ETHBvSplit duo xlr3-3-ethbvSplit duo xlr3-5-ethbvSplit duo xlr3-8-ethb
XLR5ETHBvSplit duo xlr5-3-ethbvSplit duo xlr5-5-ethbvSplit duo xlr5-8-ethb
XLR8ETHBvSplit duo xlr8-3-ethbvSplit duo xlr8-5-ethbvSplit duo xlr8-8-ethb
CRMXETHBvSplit duo crmx-3-ethbvSplit duo crmx-5-ethbvSplit duo crmx-8-ethb
ETHBETHBvSplit duo ethb-3-ethbvSplit duo ethb-5-ethbvSplit duo ethb-8-ethb