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We are pleased to announce the lauch of a web site dedicated to the Art-Net control protocol: www.Art-Net.org.uk
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Since 1988, Artistic Licence has specialised in the design, development and manufacture of products for the architectural lighting and entertainment technology industries. The product range encompasses DMX512-A, RDM, Ethernet, Art-Net, DALI and MIDI. The range extends from test equipment to data distribution, and motion control to LED lighting.

In 2010, Artistic Licence Engineering and Artistic Licence Integration were created to handle the greater demand for product development and project integration.

Artistic Licence Engineering builds on its predecessor's world-class reputation in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-spec lighting and lighting control products. The product line is available throughout the world via a growing number of dealers, a list of which is available under our 'Where to buy' section. You can also order on-line, and download technical data and user guides here.

Artistic Licence Engineering is also a major supplier of OEM solutions to manufacturers worldwide. If your manufacturing company wishes to outsource, design or manufacture, Artistic Licence Engineering is your one stop shop.

Artistic Licence Integration drives the development of bespoke installations, specialising in DMX, DALI and Ethernet control. Diversity and flexibility are assured, with a client base spanning the architectural, entertainment, leisure and commercial sectors. We cover all aspects from design to installation, offering project management and custom or ready-made solutions.

Artistic Licence: lighting the way, leading the field.

Industry recognition and awards:

2013 PLASA Product Innovation Award for eSense

2013 PLASA Product Innovation Honourable Mention for Art-Osc

2006 ESTA Achievement Award for Control Protocols Development

2005 PLASA Product Award for Visual-Patch. A system that uses a camera and Art-Net to automatically patch a lamp array

2003 PLASA Highly Commended Award for Colour-Tramp lighting control system

2002 PLASA Highly Commended Award for the development of Bit Angle Modulation, a drive technique for dimming

2001 PLASA Product Award for Down-Lynx Ethernet to DMX512 interface

2000 EDDY Award for Common-Sense protocol and sensor interface