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Explore our extensive range of UK manufactured, ‘problem solving’ products.

  • Data & DMX distribution 

    ArtNet, sCAN and DMX data & distribution solutions are employed where reliable and robust transmission is essential.  Whether you need to split, combine, extend, isolate or convert from one protocol to another there is a product to solve every problem. 

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  • DALI

    DALI is a manufacturer agnostic protocol for the control of lighting in the built environment. Artistic License enables seamless integration and control of entertainment and architectural installations, bridging the gap between ArtNet, DMX and DALI.

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  • User interface controllers

    Our range of dedicated user interfaces are designed to accommodate a wide range of load types and control protocols, from direct load to DALI and DMX control. 

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  • Load controllers

    Artistic Licence award winning load controllers simplify specification and installation, ensuring LED lamps and lighting operate at their best.

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  • 19" Rack mounted

    Our range of 19” Rack mount Data and DMX distribution products have been specifically designed for live entertainment applications and the rigors of life on the road.

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  • Mini solutions

    Our range of Mini solutions are the perfect fit where space is at a premium or where devices need to be installed remotely in the field.

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