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candlePower octo

candlePower octo

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candlePower octo is a DMX512/RDM controlled LED dimmer with 8 channels. Each channel can be individually set to constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) dimming.

Using a combination of analogue and digital technology, the product provides smooth results with all DC LEDs, with exceptional performance at very low intensities. There are four editable dimming curves that can be selected via RDM on a per-channel basis, or customers can upload custom dimming curves for ultimate control. The product is rated at 2A per channel and can be powered over a wide range of voltages (10–60 VDC).

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candlePower can be controlled using one or two DMX channels (respectively, 8-bit or 16-bit operation). The 16-bit operation provides ultra-smooth dimming with 65535 discrete levels. Some DMX controllers can only operate in 8-bit mode, but candlePower still provides access to ultra-smooth dimming through the use of dimmer curves. These allow the most important part of the LED dimming response to be spread out over the entire DMX512 level range.

Artistic Licence has also built a free-to-use database of LED dimmer curve files that are automatically generated by our in-house photometric analyser, please see the resource tab. For ultimate control, customers can edit dimming curves and upload files (using DMX-Workshop, our free software management tool) to perfectly match chosen LEDs.

If you would like a dimmer curve generated for a specific lamp that does not appear in the database, please see Dimming Curve Generation.

The modulation frequency can be set from 500Hz to 32kHz. The resolution can be set from 16-bit to 10-bit.


In constant current (CC) mode, each output can be configured for a current from 76mA to 2.164A, in 36mA increments. This allows the product to drive all types of DC LEDs including the popular Cree XLamp and Osram Oslon series. The wide voltage and high current ensures the product can also drive composite LED panels such as the Oslon MiniFlood series.


Most LED tape products are driven using Constant Voltage (CV) but vary in drive voltage. The product’s wide voltage range makes it compatible with all types of DC tape including single colour and colour-mixing. In Constant Voltage mode, each output can be configured for a trip current to ensure outputs are shut down in a fault condition.


candlePower has been designed to be extremely resilient, with intelligent features that reduce ongoing maintenance needs. Active derating ensures that the product scales back if it approaches its maximum operating temperature. When the internal temperature sensors detect that it has cooled sufficiently, full operation is resumed

Self-healing outputs shut down in response to over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature situations. Normal operation resumes without user intervention when the fault has passed. Other smart features include preset and data loss modes.


• Constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) dimmer

• DMX512/RDM controlled

• Compatible with DC LEDs, composite LED panels and DC tape

• Scene playback

• Programmable data loss mode

• Configurable output current in 36mA increment

• 8 outputs, 2A per circuit

• Safety trip current per output in CV mod

• 8-bit or 16-bit control

• Choice of 4 editable dimming curves, uploaded on a per-output basis via DMX-Workshop

• Ability to upload custom dimming curves

• LED indication for DMX/RDM/playback, power, identify, outputs and fault conditions

• Convection cooled with active derating

• RDM sensors for temperature and output fault

• Automatic heat and current management

• Common mode input filter

• DIN Rail or surface mount


• Operating Voltage: 10 VDC – 60 VDC (subject to LED Vf +12V maximum)

• Outputs: 1kW total, 2.1A per channel

• Input Protocols: DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A, RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2010 ESTA Standard)

• IP Rating: Indoor use

• Dimensions: 90mm (h) x 159mm / 9M (w) x 73.5mm (d)

• Net Mass: 0.38 kg

• Manufacturer: Artistic Licence

• Country of Manufacture: UK


candlePower octo user guide

candlePower octo datasheet

Dimming curves


candlePower octo Declaration of Conformity

candlePower octo Certificate of Origin

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