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netLynx quad

netLynx quad

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netLynx quad is an Art-Net 4 enabled ethernet-to-DMX512 or DMX512-to-ethernet gateway. It converts four universes of Art-Net (supports all versions up to Art-Net 4) or sACN into DMX512/RDM.

The ports are bidirectional and can also convert DMX to Art-Net/sACN. The product is housed in a strong but lightweight black ABS plastic case and features an RJ45 Ethercon network connector and four XLR5 data ports.

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Thanks to its high processing power, netLynx quad can operate effortlessly on networks congested with broadcast data. All outputs are protected against mains electrocution (all international voltages including UK 3-phase) and are self-healing.

A handy button enables the customer to simply restore the factory default settings (hold down and cycle power). A single press of this button causes the product to emit a ‘squawk’ – a message over the network that enables the console operator to easily identify the physical location of the product.

netLynx quad supports RDM Integrity, a software package used to test both native RDM and RDM over Art-Net.

The power input can be either from the ethernet cable using the IEEE 802.3af (2003) standard, or from an external power supply (we recommend the PSU-24-0.75-XLR4).

The product can be remotely configured using the product’s internal web server, or using DMX-Workshop. DHCP enables automatic IP addressing; static IP and LLRP negotiation are also supported.


• Ethernet-to-DMX/RDM or DMX-to-Ethernet gateway

• Art-Net 4, sACN and RDMnet LLRP compatible

• 10/100BaseT Ethercon port

• DHCP or static IP

• Four XLR5 bidirectional DMX512 ports, protected from mains electrocution

• Compatible with all variants of DMX, including DMX512-A

• RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2010) supported

• Failsafe mode – playback scene on loss of network

• Factory reset / squawk button

• Supports RDM Integrity

• DC power (XLR4 connector) or PoE (IEEE 802.3af-2003)

• Power indicator

• Network and DMX activity indicators

• Surface/wall mounting


• Listing: CE

• IP Rating: Indoor use

• DC Power: 2.5W quiescent

• DC Power: 5W driving terminated DMX512 cable

• PoE Power: Negotiates Class 2 (3.84W – 6.49W)

• Input Voltage: 12-48 VDC (XLR4 connector), PoE supported

• Width: 156 mm

• Height: 118 mm

• Depth: 58 mm

• Data Connection: 1 x RJ45 Ethercon and 4 x XLR5 ports

• Ethernet port: Isolated to 1kV

• Electrocution protection: 425 VAC continuous connection (self-healing)

• Net Mass: 0.2 kg

• Manufacturer: Artistic Licence

• Country of Manufacture: UK


netLynx quad user guide

netLynx quad datasheet

Art-net range


netLynx quad Declaration of Conformity

netLynx quad Certificate of Origin


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