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railSplit uno

railSplit uno

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railSplit uno is a bidirectional DMX512/RDM isolator, signal booster and surge protection device, with a ‘data fixer’ for dodgy DMX.

The product provides self-healing electrocution protection on the DMX512 ports and surge protection on all terminals. This protects connected equipment against lightning strikes.

The surge protection is sacrificial, but the product reports spent protection with a front panel indicator and via the fault tally output. Crucially, when protection is spent, it shorts the DMX terminals, continuing to protect the DMX512 output.

railSplit uno is powered from a 9 to 48 VDC power source. We recommend the PSU-24-0.75-FER.

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In fix mode, the product discards all RDM and other specialist data packets. It also adjusts the DMX timing to values that are likely to be acceptable to fixtures that do not fully comply with the DMX standard.

The list below shows the fix mode features.

• Automatic timing correction for DMX512.

• Accepts breaks from 56µS to 1000µS

• Accepts MaB from 5µS to 1000µS

• Accepts MbB from 0µS to 1000µS

• Accepts channel count from 1-512

• Accepts refresh from 23mS to 1000mS

• Filters out consecutive breaks

• Re-times bytes with 1 stop bit to 2 stop bits

• Generates DMX with fixed timing parameters: Refresh = 33Hz, Brk=250µS, MaB=30µS, P=30mS, C=512, MbB=30µS

• Filters out all Non-Zero Start Codes


• Input optical isolation

• Bi-directional output (RDM supported)

• Optimized for electrically noisy environments

• Mains electrocution protection (self-healing) on DMX512 input and output

• Surge protection (sacrificial) on all terminals

• Front panel fault indication

• Fault report tally output for BMS integration

• Surface mount or DIN rail mounted

• DMX-Fix mode to handle compatibility issues


railSplit uno was designed in response to the new European Electrical Installation regulations IEC 60364 (BS 7671). The regulations require Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) to be fitted (including to data lines such as DMX512) for many types of lighting installation.

Our existing premium DIN rail splitter, railSplit extreme, has internal SPDs and so provides a partial solution. However, there are two potential issues:
The new regulations will require installers to cram DMX512 SPDs into ever smaller spaces (e.g. into existing electrical installation boxes). The SPD needs some way of informing the user if it has been damaged by a protection event.

railSplit uno solves both problems.

It is a combined DMX512/RDM booster, isolator and SPD presented in a DIN-rail unit just 36mm wide.

Surge protection is achieved using a combination of different electronics. Part self-heals after a protection event. The other part is sacrificial and becomes spent after a number of protection events (usually triggered by nearby lightning strikes). The problem with most SPDs is that you have no idea whether they are spent, or are still doing their job. railSplit uno uses a patent-pending technique to detect when the protection is spent. Once detected, it reports it via a front panel indicator and a tally output that can be linked to a Buildings Management System. Additionally, it enters ‘limp home’ mode whereby the DMX output is bridged to avoid further damage. At this point, the product is replaced to ensure continued protection to the installation.
Underlining our commitment to circular lighting, the spent product can be returned for reconditioning.


• Listing: UKCA, CE, WEEE, RoHS

• IP Rating: IP20 indoor use only

• Input power (max): 1.5 W

• Input Voltage: 9 to 48VDC

• Width: 36 mm

• Height: 90 mm

• Depth: 32 mm

• Net Mass: 0.10 kg

• Connection: Screw terminal

• Electrocution protection: Input, Loop and all outputs protected against continuous connection to 425 VAC (self-healing)

Surge protection (Input, Loop and all outputs):

• Max IDC 30,000A (8/20µS) sacrificial (1 operation)

• Max IDC 20,000A (8/20µS) sacrificial (10 operations)

• Max IDC 20A (10/1000µS) sacrificial (1500 operations)

• Manufacturer: Artistic Licence

• Country of Manufacture: UK


railSplit Safe user guide

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