Industry recognition and awards

2022  PLASA Product Sustainability Award for Micro-Scope 3c upgrade kit

2019  PLASA Product Innovation GOLD Award for sunDial quad

2018  PLASA Product Innovation Award for matisse f6 dmx and matisse d4 dmx

2017  The Gottelier Award for Wayne Howell, Artistic Licence founder and inventor of Art-Net

2016  PLASA Product Innovation Award for Art-Net 4

2015  Lighting Design Awards – Highly Commended workplace project of the year for PNLD Ascot Underwriting project

2013  PLASA Product Innovation Award for eSense

2013  PLASA Product Innovation Honourable Mention for Art-Osc

2006  ESTA Achievement Award for Control Protocols Development

2005  PLASA Product Award for Visual-Patch. A system that uses a camera and Art-Net to automatically patch a lamp array

2004  IALD Award for Excellence – MBLD Finsbury Avenue Square

2003  PLASA Highly Commended Award for Colour-Tramp lighting control system

2002  PLASA Highly Commended Award for the development of Bit Angle Modulation, a drive technique for dimming

2001  PLASA Product Award for Down-Lynx Ethernet to DMX512 interface

2000  EDDY Award for Common-Sense protocol and sensor interface