Industry recognition and awards

2017  The Gottelier Award for Wayne Howell, Artistic Licence CEO

2016  PLASA Product Innovation Award for Art-Net 4

2015  Lighting Design Awards - Highly Commended workplace project of the year for PNLD Ascot Underwriting project

2013  PLASA Product Innovation Award for eSense

2013  PLASA Product Innovation Honourable Mention for Art-Osc

2006  ESTA Achievement Award for Control Protocols Development

2005  PLASA Product Award for Visual-Patch. A system that uses a camera and Art-Net to automatically patch a lamp array

2004  IALD Award for Excellence - MBLD Finsbury Avenue Square

2003  PLASA Highly Commended Award for Colour-Tramp lighting control system

2002  PLASA Highly Commended Award for the development of Bit Angle Modulation, a drive technique for dimming

2001  PLASA Product Award for Down-Lynx Ethernet to DMX512 interface

2000  EDDY Award for Common-Sense protocol and sensor interface